Group discounts are for a group of people viewing a single title or titles that have been preselected for the whole group to access. Each of the prices listed below are per person. Group discounts are honored only for purchase orders. 

Presentation length 6-10 learners 11-15 learners 16-20 learners 21+ learners
60 min $19 $17 $15 $12
75 min $23 $21 $19 $16
90 min $27 $25 $23 $20
2 Hours $36 $34 $32 $29
5 Hours $99 $89 $69 $59
7.5 Hours $124 $114 $104 $84

Groups Viewing Courses Individually

Groups of 6-9 people must view the same titles to be eligible for the group discount. For groups of 10+ different titles can be identified for subgroups of 5 or more at the larger group rate. For example: A school district could complete a purchase order for 15 learners using the group rate for 11-15 learners. This per person rate can be applied with 3 groups of 5 each watching different titles. Or 5 could view one title and 10 could view a second title. 

UNIVERSITIES: If you want to require your students to view any of our courses and you have more than 5 students then group pricing is applicable. Contact [email protected] to arrange for a coupon code for your individual students to use when purchasing a course so that they can receive the group rate. To qualify for the university coupon code you must provide the first/last names and email addresses of each of the students and the name of the course.

Use Our Courses for Your Staff Training or Conferences! 

A big advantage of using a recorded course over an in-person presentation is that the course can be paused at any time for discussion. Engaging with the material and discussing with your team how the information can change practice, has a much better chance of being remembered and implemented. Make your professional development dollars count toward real change!

Our staff found the format and information in the course "Self-Advocacy in Action" to be a meaningful use of time and provided tools to use in our work with students with hearing loss. This video provided the perfect platform to enable lively conversations between teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing, teaching assistants and educational audiologists as we focused on ways to increase self-advocacy for our students in mainstream environments. The video was easy to access and the breaks in the modules provided a natural segue into breakout room discussions via Zoom. We will definitely choose another course from Supporting Success for professional development days for our staff.

Christy Hiergeist, Supervisor of Hearing and Language Programs
Delaware County Intermediate Unit, Morton PA


  1. Select the course(s) you want to show to your group on your pre-determined inservice or conference day
  2. Identify the number of people that will be viewing the course
  3. Group pricing applies, with a 20% discount for single-day team/group course viewing. Example: 24 staff want to view a 90-minute course. Group pricing = $20 per person for one 90-min course x 24 people = $480 – 20% = only $384!
  4. Identify 1-2 people to facilitate the course on the inservice/conference day. These people will be provided with access to the course up to one month prior to the inservice/conference day so they can strategize when they want to pause, and potential discussion questions.
  5. Prepare a purchase order including: a) inservice/conference date, b) number of viewers for group rate, c) first/last name + email of facilitator(s), d) contact person
  6. The contact person will be sent a Certificate of Participation for each course with the inservice/conference date that they can copy and distribute to participants. An ASHA CEU Verification letter can also be supplied upon request. If anyone wants to receive LSLS CEUs, we would need to have their first/last name + email to report to AG Bell. If requested the AG Bell LSLS CEU letter will be provided. 
  7. Any/all of the handouts that come with a course can be copied and distributed by the contact person to the people who are present for viewing the course. The handouts are for use to support the students in the individual caseloads of the participants only. This copyrighted information is NOT to be distributed after the course day to any personnel nor included in a shared drive (i.e., Google docs, DropBox).
  8. On the date of the inservice/conference the facilitator would access the course and show it to the group using an LCD projector. Additional speakers are strongly recommended so that the audio can be heard throughout the room. 

Please direct any questions to [email protected] or [email protected].