Communication Access Link to Success & What Families Can Do

by Karen Anderson

Hearing loss is a communication access issue that can impact the development of language, reading ability, and how children who are deaf or hard of hearing interact with others. This course will first present information about the link between hearing loss and these developmental issues. The remainder of the course focuses on 5 areas that families can focus on to support their child's success. This course is designed for DHH specialists as a model for what information to share with families, for families to view, or for educators who will be working with students who are hard of hearing or deaf.

Course Curriculum

    1. Communication Access & Families – Module 1 – 17 minutes

    2. Communication Access & Families – Module 2 – 21 minutes

    3. Communication Access & Families – Module 3 – 17 minutes

    4. Communication Access & Families – Module 4 – 16 minutes

    5. Communication Access & Families – Module 5 – 16 minutes

    6. Quiz - Communication Access Link to Success & What Families Can Do

    7. COURSE EVALUATION - Communication Access Links to Success & What Families Can Do

    8. ASHA Verification Form - Communication Access Links - What Families Can Do

    9. LSLS CEU Letter - Communication Access Links - What Parents Can Do

    10. ISBE Professional Development Hours

    11. More Options for Success

3 Learner Outcomes

  • Learn how acoustic accessibility impacts Listening, Learning Language, Literacy
  • Learn 5 areas in which parents can support their child’s communication and academic success
  • Become aware of specific resources that can be accessed by family members or others who want to learn more or do more with the child with hearing loss

Meet Your Instructor

Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson PhD has worked in clinical, public school and state-level (EHDI) settings to address the needs of children with hearing loss. She is Director of Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss, providing online resources for professionals and families. Karen is a past president of the Educational Audiology Association, has received national recognition awards in educational audiology. She is the author or co-author of many practical checklists, such as the SIFTER, LIFE-R, and CHILD and co-author of the book Building Skills for School Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom with Kathy Arnoldi and other publications sold through Supporting Success.