Understanding Assessments for Students with Hearing Loss

by Mary Shaddox

Would you like to better understand the vocabulary used to explain assessments and how to interpret those assessments? Join this training and learn how to write appropriate present level of academic achievement and functional performance statements as well as how to write appropriate IEP goals and objectives. Two modules cover information on norm referenced and criterion referenced assessments. Four modules review eight assessments that can be used with deaf and hard of hearing students with case studies for each assessment.

Supporting Success Course

    1. Understanding Assessments - Module 1 - 15 minutes

    2. Understanding Assessments - Module 2 - 19 minutes

    3. Understanding Assessments - Module 3 - 13 minutes

    4. Understanding Assessments - Module 4 - 15 minutes

    5. Understanding Assessments - Module 5 - 17 minutes

    6. Understanding Assessments - Module 6 - 17 minutes

    7. Quiz - Understanding Assessments for Students with Hearing Loss

    8. COURSE EVALUATION - Understanding Assessments

    9. ASHA Verification Form - Understanding Assessment

    10. LSLS CEU Letter - Understanding Assessments for Students with Hearing Loss

    11. ISBE Professional Development Hours

    12. More Options for Success

3 Learner Outcomes

  • Be able to explain the difference between standardized norm referenced tests and criterion referenced tests
  • Explain the different types of scores that can be used to describe results
  • Explain the implications of the bell curve

Meet Your Instructor

Mary Shaddox

Mary Shaddox has worked in the field of deaf education for 28 years. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Education of the Deaf from Texas Woman’s University in 1991. She has taught pre-k, elementary, middle school and high school age students. Mary received her Master of Education in Special Education from Texas Tech University in 2015 and is now a certified educational diagnostician. Mary’s interest in assessment began when her second son was born prematurely and diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy at the age of 9 weeks. He was later diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, OCD and ADHD.